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I am really keen to try some of this, take three raw pics at different exposure levels then use Photoshop to process the info from all three to give a foundation image for you to tweak further.

This link has lots more examples, it gives things a very luscious effect.

I took some pics in the summer and had a fiddle.

Pic 1 – Exposure 0.00

Pic 2 – Exposure -1.67

Pic 3 – Exposure 1.67

Which when imported into Photoshop CS2 using the /Automate /Merge to HDR function gave me this:

Stella HDR

Not a great result, but as it was more of a “suck it and see” test you can see the differences. Note that a true HDR photo is 32bit psd which means it has twice the amount of data then a 16bit jpg, so there is some deterioration when you convert to jpg, but I didn’t notice too much in this example.

You can see in the Stella example that the foam sitting on the beer in the bottle is a lot punchier than either of the three originals. Also the colour and contrast of the label is different. Need to play about a bit I guess (and invest in a tripod (and find a willing cow))

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This made me lol

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Big, init!

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Kingfisher and fishie

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It sure is baby.

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I don’t watch many ads these days, I either skip through them or they simply don’t exist in the media I watch.

But I was viewing the top ten tech super bowl ads and this one was amusing.