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Unusual cloud formations

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Catching up with big brother. Yay

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T.Hanks to Ali

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My first post about BB9.

So, Alex. What a minx she was.

Last year Charley was the mouth, and had her fair share of rows, too many, as it did become the Charley show for the first few weeks. Her arguments, although however loud and stupid always were amusing. Her speed when she gets going is incredible.

Then we had Alex. Someone who on wednesday was removed from the house. Her arguments were nasty and offensive. Does she know she is doing it? She is quickly picked up on Rex’s suggestion to Mohammed to not put raw chicken on the counter and keep it on the board as degrading and dictating. Yet only yesterday (on the highlights show) she calls Rachel a stupid dumb girl because she left some spaghetti on the heat for others to eat when ready say it was disgusting and how tramps live.

Grrrr, she really got on my wick, to the point of getting physically stressed and tense. Alex started with her onslaught when Becks tried to cook oven chips and some of them were less than perfect. I just can’t understand her attitude. Saying how other people in the house will never survive on the outside world (“remember I told you, you will never be ready, remember I told you!”), and how she has fought for everything. Fair enough that she felt she had to fight, but she is living with 15 people who do survive on the outside world. I survive on the outside world and I do so by not treating people like shit.

She had mixed values, doesn’t like seeing people be degraded, yet she humiliates and aggressively degrades others.

Bye bye Alex. BB did make the right decision, her gangster talk was too far. She was not “talking to Darnell” and was not saying “I get to see your friends and family” in a good way. I think the Big Big Brother (Phil Edgar-Jones) gave her a chance to realise what she had done, to perhaps be shocked by her actions and apologise. But no, she was certain she was not in the wrong, and everything was taken out of context.

Judge for yourself, if these were not threatening words:

Apparently her car had was vandalised this week. Whilst she made me angry, this was too far. I enjoy hating or loving the housemates each year, but once they are out of the house, that is it. Leave them be (if they want to).

It might have been another factor to the removal decision that Alex could have been attacked at the eviction. It was rumored that extra security would be on if she was up and audience members would have to be screened. Poor BB and C4, at the moment everything the housemates do, the press hold them responsible. If someone threw something when she was evicted, it would have caused an uproar. Ofcom already had hundreds of complaints about Alex, it seems the average BB fan uses Ofcom instead of a forum to moan about something. Trouble is, Ofcom have to take things seriously and follow up on complaints.

It is good tv, and does encourage discussion, but are BB responsible for the housemates actions? I don’t think so, and did well pulling Alex when they did. If not the complaints would have soared and once again BB blamed for not intervening, and perhaps BB would have to be closed down and end on such a bum note.

Ho hum. Would like to hear what Alex has to say tonight in the Davina interview. Seeing her watch herself. But these things are highly prepped, so we shall see. New housemate tonight. Not a great idea. But they might inject some life into the house to fill the massive hole Alex has left.

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