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Testing iPhone app.

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Poor fishie.

Oh well, tasty I’m sure.

Doing a blog upgrade tomorrow, no new features or anything, just to get the darn thing up to date so it is compatible with the new wordpress iPhone app.

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Could this really be true? Or am I only dreaming?

Kinda annoying as you spent months telling people Flash can’t be read by search engines etc. Though this certainly does not tackle the issue of accessibility, but it is one less argument against using Flash.

Kinda like how you preach about how text boxes and designs must be able to expand if the user enlarges the text size. This is now being handled via Firefox and IE7 with a “zoom the whole screen” approach. This doesn’t break the design, thus the divs do not need to be expandable. It is still early days as those browsers are quite new, so old good web practices are still relevant. But for something that I used to approach as a number one priority in my web work, is now sliding down the scale.

Official Google Blog: Google learns to crawl Flash

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I do love WoW. Has a massive community and various offshoots. Machinima (the art of making movies out of games) has a lot of fans, they even made a Southpark episode out of it. This is quite a funny one.

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It is like falling in love with the iphone all over again. Very impressed by the new apps.

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For those that pretend their current one already is.

Mio gets official with Knight Rider GPS unit – Engadget

Knight Rider GPS

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Amusing video

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